Halfway to Wildflower

April 30th, 2009 by

The last few days have been pretty busy and hectic, what with getting back from Florida later on Tuesday night than i had hoped (i was delay-ed in Dallas…) which threw me all off kilter in my schedule. Not that i had a terribly lock tight schedule, but I did have to be at LAX International Airport by 12 noon on Wednesday to pick up a good friend of mine – Mike Adams. I was 3 hours late!! Mike told me he was quite happy hanging out with the taxis in the taxis rank! I think he was lying to make me feel better.

Fraser Cartmell

Mike and I heading out for a spin - he and HIS new steed. Nice!

We spent last Wednesday night in a place called Ventura – about 90 mins north of LA with friends of Mike and his family. It has been a great way to break up the long journey to the race venue for Wildflower – which is kinda in the middle of nowhere.

I’m excited about heading back up there. It was a blast last year – thousands of athletes across all the races, thousands more spectators, tough, challenging swim, bike and run venues set in stunning scenery. Oh, and live music playing all w/e which is kinda cool.

It’s a black hole in terms of communications up there, but i’ll hopefully have something up on Sunday evening about how Mike and I get on over the w/e.