Fraser Cartmell 11th @ Ironman 70.3 Austin

October 25th, 2009 by

Fraser Cartmell George Burns quote

Fraser Cartmell finished Ironman 70.3 Austin in 11th place overall and as 11th PRO.  (Quick race report below from me – thanks Nikola).

Swim: 22:59

Bike: 2:10:04

Run: 1:20:10

Total: 3:57:07

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This race is still within his hard training and he has taper ahead of him (he should confirm this) – main race is Ironman 70.3 World Champs on 14th November.

Phew, i’m all done with Austin 70.3, and certainly less than pleased with the result (on paper), unhappy with the way I fell apart, BUT i’m actually relatively relieved that I was even able to finish the damn race. – On Wednesday it seemed like i was going to have to skip Austin altogether and stay in San Diego to seek further physiotherapy treatment for a gammy leg (AGAIN!)

– I was riding my bike last Sunday after a great longer run in the morning … and after 30minutes I had a sore knee/lower quad (Vastusd Medialis) and by the end of the 90mins easy ride I was struggling to turn the pedals without shooting pains. Perfect. Monday/Tuesday it was sore and I was tumble turning with the one leg in the pool. And I only swam between Monday and Friday ….. thankfully I saw the great phsyio who put me back together in April when i was last in Sandy Eggo and he assured me that i just had crazy tight hammy/adductors that had become good mates and gotten stuck together causing the pain further down the leg. Reassuring to hear but not ideal at all … as I had been laying low on the running anyways since the Duathlon and Spain trip where I had a sore/tight calf!! – Man I need a fulltime massage therapist I think … or at least regulur rubs. Buts thats another story.

Simply fact is that I reckon I’ve ran no more than 200ks in the last month .. maybe a bit more, but i’d be spliting hairs; and I need consistency in my running to feel good off the bike, and therefore it was no surprise I started to buckle after a few decent early miles on the run. – And it was a HILLY run too … so I think it must’ve been short given the splits!

Good points were the swim – I was hanging out at the front for the first half then happily let others do the work there after. I figured I was going to need all the energy i could muster for the bike, as I really haven’t loaded huge milage yet … but I felt great. We were sleeping in T1 and somehow Greg Bennet nipped out super quick and dropped the hammer. I worked hard with Ritchie Cunnigham and Luke Bell to reduce the gap, and for the middle 10miles I got a gap myself and started to think I could ride GB down alone. I couldn’t! We re-grouped as a 3 and ended up reeling in Greg just before T2 where he seemed to park up and not even consider running.

 As I said; the run wasn’t too pretty, but I just decided to enjoy it after 5 miles. I jogged, and thought of it as the long run for the week I needed. I enjoyed the many live bands situated along the course (HOW cool) and tried to have a smile (difficult, but I tried) till the finish; realising it’s not always fun and games out there.

Next stop Clearwater, and if (please!!) I can run every day till then, I think (hope!) I can pull the run back into line. We’ll see. Thanks for all the messages.