Euro Long Course – DNF

August 9th, 2009 by

Fraser Cartmell

I would prefer not to write, so I will keep it short and to the point. I didn’t finish yesterday in Prague and I am none to happy about it. Racing for GBR is somthing I don’t take lightly and I hoped to be in contention for a top 5 or better whilst doing so. It wasn’t to be the case yesterday I can assure you!

Without dwelling on the actual race itself too much (it was unquestionably the WORST race I have ever been involved in for countless reasons) I simply had nothing in the tank. Empty. Kaput. Nada.

And that is a strange feeling when you beleive you are in shape. There are clearly a few factors in the equation that I must have a think about – those being the high altitude training in St Moritz, the race in Antwerp last Sunday and probably most importantly; the 6 days of rest and recovery time I had between then and yesterday.

One way or another I climbed out of the swim feeling pretty tired and unusually unsteady on my feet; only in 4th place, having been dropped by Rasmus Henning and Dirk Bockel (who went on to take Gold and Silver) at 3k and passed by Jan Rehula towards the end – he may have won a medal at the Sydney Olympics, but I shouldn’t have been out swum by him. He dropped me quickly and things only deteriorated from there on in – guy after guy rode past me, and that really isn’t something that happens to me. I ride strong when I race and I am certainly not used to being dropped repeatedly.

I kept telling myself that i would pull through and since it’s a long race I should keep working, however the truth was at 80k I was 8 minutes in arrears and lacking any power whatsoever.

I’m still here in the hotel in Prague as I thought it was a Sunday race, and therefore booked the plane home for Monday – it is supposed to be a beautiful city so my room mate Scott Neyedli and I will head on into town soon to see.

I’ll be home in Stirling for a few days rest tomorrow. I think I need it.