Compression by SLS3

January 7th, 2009 by

They work you know - as does the 'toe hole'!

I have been making very good use of my compression socks during the past 10 days….. which is exactly how long I have had some out here in Stellenbosch, since I forgot to bring my own when I flew initially.

I had thought ‘no worries, Blair can bring mine them out in Jan, when he comes to visit’. However, I started to pick up a calf niggle after my first two weeks back training through the middle of Decemeber (note to self; don’t start running 100k weeks right away. Muppet.) and so I got in touch with Sylvie at SLS3 over in California to see if they had a distributor here in SA, so that I could get a hold of some. They regretably didn’t, she informed me. However, she did insist on winging some out as quickly as the US Postal Service could manage during the Christmas build up. I received 3 pairs on the 28th; a nice belated pressie for sure. And boy are they helping out that calf niggle.

I first came across the product when I raced at Wildflower in May, out in California. I was intrigued, and to be honest, I at the very least needed some decent flight socks (for I tend to suffer from elephantitis on long haul). I started to use them after hard runs for recovery and by the the time Clearwater arrived in November I was using them for all long runs and any involving interval work – and I have the holes in the toes to prove it.

I am more than sold on the concept, and without question they are allowing me to train harder and recovery more quickly than before. Triathletes are well known for the embracement of all things ‘gimick’, but I really suggest you go give these a shot – stick them on under your tights for your long Sunday run (or whenever you choose to run longer!) or when you get back from a hard session on the treadmill or track or canal path or wherever.

The next step for these socks is a ‘sleeve’, which doesn’t cover the foot, but would allow me/anyone to race in them from the get-go, under the wetsuit, thus not wasting any time in transition trying to pul them on (can be quite a strenuous activity when tired). I believe I would be happy to do so given the benefit I seem to gain from training. When I decide to race Ironman again, I will most certainly be using either of these products. There are other sleeves available on the market already, but the actual level of compression offered is negligible.

I look forward to working more closely with Slyvie and SLS3 –  throughout ’09 when I am based over in California again.