Bread and Butter

May 22nd, 2009 by

I’m back in Stirling, or as we have affectionately named it since the Lord Of The Rings trilogy – The Shire – and I’m back into my staple bread and butter sessions. I’m feeling much much more settled already due to that. As much as it is great being in places like California and Florida, when things are not going great (and they haven’t been!), there is no place like home and an old routine. I’m glad to be back.

Blue sky in Stirling. It might just last....

This week since the Disney 70.3 in, erm yes, you guessed it, Disney World Florida, has gone something like this:

Monday – pack and get ready to head home whilst watching the rain pour down in St Petersburg

Tuesday – leave and savour the splendour of Tampa and Newark airports.

Wednesday – arrive in Scotland town. It was raining but i was glad to be back! Easy 90 min bike, easy run.

Thursday – LONG sleep! Easy 3k swim to get rid of the ‘wierd’ feeling’, easy hour run, solid bike at the Falkirk APR – 75k total with 38k at 41kph – this is effectively my motor pacing session until Blair gets a moto licence :).

Friday – Squad swim, 4k long course. Kaboom! – I was fine for 1500m of the 3500m main set and then the long course aspect of the session kicked in. – Lets say that short course yards in America for 2 months hasn’t been a good thing for my swimming…. 70 mins easy run. Easy bike with Gavin to come.

As I said, it’s good to be back.