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June 30th, 2010 by

I’ve had a few days of time off plus a few more days easing back into training and as such Wimbleball has drifted off into the distant past already. It was a fun w/e but I’m now all set with looking forward to the next race on the horizon – the UK Ironman – and that means all systems go with training. I have 4 and bit weeks … a month to knuckle down and tick off the required block of work. – It’s good fun to get back to the template – tough,  as indeed it should be, as I keep remembering I have a marathon to run …

training kit got abandoned, just for a while ...

 Training has kicked back in well though … it’s always hard to get back into the long(er) training sessions, but at the same time it’s a satisfying feeling being tired each night, a feeling I am going to get used to over the course of the next month with all this Ironman jazz!

So far this week i’ve been dong:

Monday – swim 5k aerobic, bike 70k steady, run 10k easy shuffle

Tuesday – swim 4k including hard 400m reps, ride 100k hilly, run 15k incl grass intervals

Wednesday – swim 4k easy, ride 60k easy, run 30k steady ….

…. and so the week shall go on. And the next one … following the template.