Back home: Scotland

March 19th, 2013 by

After having spent more than the first 2 months of this new year away from home, its nice to be settled back in Stirling and after a couple of weeks since returning from Abu Dhabi, that’s what I am doing. Getting back into a (wintery) routine.



Yes, there has been snow since I’ve been home (where is Spring?) – but without trying to make a contradiction –  that means there has also been some great winter training weather too. I am a big fan of Scotland at this time of year, and the oppertunity to get some nice pictures whilst out on the bike has been too good to miss.


When the sun is out, Edinburgh is very much much one of my favourite places to be. I am not someone who likes a big busling city, so given the choice between the Los Angeles sunshine (and inevitable traffic!) of last month or the blue sky of Princess St last week, I think I’d always choose home … although if Im honest that would depend on how deprived of sunshine I happened to be. Just being honest 😉 Nonetheless, my point is I enjoy being back at home as it means I am able to be in the Capital at least once or twice through the week when seeing Ali.


 Since returning from my travels for racing I got back into a sensible training routine relatively quickly, despite needing to recover from the 7+hrs of Abu Dhabi and the dissapointments of that event being fresh in the memory. Perhaps I got back into things a bit too hastily, and so I managed to pick up my own little version of The Lurgy which seems to be doing the rounds. I say little, as thankfully it appears to have only last a couple days, which is nothing compared to what many of you are dealing with. Learning from my old age and/or experience, I opted for the ‘complete shut down’ option. As a younger pup I think I would have felt the need to go do something for the sake of doing something. That kind of nonsense only serves to ensure the hole becomes ever deeper and I learnt that lesson many a year ago!

So I am happy to report I am feeling healthier than 5 days ago and will spend this week getting back up to speed on the training front. In a couple weekends time I have the Scottish Duathlon Championships here in Stirling, and since I always enjoy racing at home I’m looking forward to that. Shortly afterwards Ali and I are going back to my Spanish home-from-home in Aguilas to try shake the last of these wintery days… as scenic as they are, I’m looking forward to the warmer days 🙂