Arrived and settled in East London

January 16th, 2009 by

Tim Don Raynard Tissink Fraser Cartmell

Tim Don, Raynard Tissink and myself at the press conference

I’m in East London now after flying up the coast from Cape Town yesterday morning. I travelled up with Blair, who as I said has been out here with me for a couple weeks plus my training buddy in Stellenbosch, Tim Don. Our bikes and gear all rolled off the bagage belt in one piece and half an hour later we were at our hotel. Happy days.

Blair cruised around town for a look yesterday, although it didnt take very long, for East London is not the most scenic of places i’m afraid! However it does have a lot of hotels, which confuses me slighty.

Today we had a few bits of pieces to do, including the press conference for the event and then the pro briefing. I don’t ususally arrive for a Sunday event on the Thursday, but because of these, I had to. Tim and I also headed out for a look at the bike course, which is something I was keen to do, given the terrible ride I had here last year (which I was asked about plenty already…!). The course is a really honest bike course, just like I remembered – we basically head inland away from the sea and climb steadily for 45ks to the turnaround, which is at 500m elevation. If the wind is like it was this morning then we will have a cracking tailwind on the way home, which is an incentive to get up there to the turn!

Fraser Cartmell Tim Don

We also had a look around the run course, scouted out the swim bouys and generally familiarised ourselves with the whole gig. The run course has been altered since last time, with the ridiculously tough hill mostly being removed, although there is still a reasonable grade for 500m up to a dead turn on the lap. Whilst driving back down it I commented on it being nice to ‘relax and float back down’. To which Tim responded ‘bloody hell, you can float all you like – but i’ll be piss-bolting down it!’ I liked that 🙂

I am really looking forward to having a hit out this w/e however, so lets wait and see when the business end gets going!