Antwerp 70.3 – 7th place

August 2nd, 2009 by

The only photo I have seen: I'm exiting 2nd behind Dann Brook

I’m just back to the hotel after the long walk back from transition – my rear tub must flatted at the end of the bike, which i guess is the best time for a flat!! However i had it put on brand new in St Moritz just before i left so i’ a little fed up at losing it after one blooming use (they’re expensive).

Anyway – my race was so so. I think if I am honest I was a little worried that I came here from St Moritz having trained slightly too hard too long. I reckon the run here today showed that I was indeed a fair bit over cooked, which is a learning thing. Yes I am annoyed with myself, but equally I had great training which I have to hope I can keep building on as the year heads towards Clearwater.

My swim was a standard affair for me – out in 2nd behind Dann Brook and it felt very easy I must admit, which gave me confidence. However within 10K on the bike we had all been shown how to ride as the eventual winner Marino Vanhoenaker flew past. He had something like 6 minutes on us starting the run …..

The weather for the race start was pretty much as awful as it could have been – driving rain and cool. The rain held through most of the bike and made for difficult riding, especially since there were numerous tram and train tracks to negotiate. – Probably where I got the flat coming back into town to T2.

The start of the run for me was very encouraging – I felt very fluid and was running comfortably with my friend Paul Matthews for a few Ks, and then once he pulled away for another few Ks with Bert Jammer. However I had a pretty big blow mid way through the middle lap and fell to 6th place, which I thought I was going to keep safely to the finish. However I was passed by a sneaky home athlete in the final few hundred meters and I just coudn’t muster a surge to counter him. Typical given the prize money only goes to 6th place ……

I’ll be home tomorrow evening and I look forward to a few days of recovery as next Saturday I am racing in GBR colours at the European Long Course Championships in Prauge. Better not come 7th there ……


Top 5 men
1. Marino Vanhoenacker
2. Paul Matthews
3. Bert Jammaer
4. Axel Zeebroek
5. Dann Brook