Aguilas day 3

September 30th, 2009 by

For lack of anything better to add, here is a picture of the coast as I rode today. I sneakily avoided the Spanish downpour that pelted down from 12-2pm (siesta time anyway) and got out once the roads dried …. it doesn’t work like that in Scotland, I’ll tell you that for free!

The sun came out ......

In other news I changed my flight back to Tuesday (from Friday) next week, as I have developed a sore calf …. and I know from bitter experience that when things get left without proper treatment from folk who know me (physiofocus in Stirling), then I end up trying to negotiate that well know creek without a paddle. So, I decided it was worth coming home a few days early to iron things out before flying to the US the following Monday.

All the more reason to get even more familiar with my aero bars this next week then! Ticked off another 102ks today. The 100/day average continues …..