A week in the Aguilas sunshine

April 6th, 2010 by

I’m back! – Home AND writing something on my wesbite …. apologies for such a time lag in the updates. No excuses, but I just got home this morning to the, ahem shall we say, not so sunny Shire. However, it is not bothering me, as we just had 8 cracking days of sunshine back in my old haunt of Aguilas. – Ali and I both wanted to grab some good training whilst the forcast was for ‘les miserables’ en Ecosse, plus it was Easter and the clocks were springing forward; lets go we said! There is also nothing better than getting away for sunshine and learning that the weather at home was terrible 🙂

Evening meal Argentinian-style in Spain ….  deffinately one of my favourites

We sampled some great food and wine most evenings, and on this occasion it was at ‘The Argentinian’ (could you tell from the menu’s? – possibly the best memorbilia-clad restuarant i have ever been to … can you spot the armidillo guitar?!) along with some chick called Chrissie who does Ironman (we picked her brains about Kona she gave us a signed picture) and Tom who were also training in town, and Pedro who is the resident – and only – Ironman athlete in Auguilas with Mabel his partner. We had a lovely evening with some great steaks to round it off!!

All in it was a great week away. The weather was more than kind, the training was just what I needed to get me back into the routine that I had slipped out of after recovering from Abu Dhabi. – The pool was as quiet as it has always been for the last 8 years (same German couple breastroking up and down too I swear!), the roads were as smooth as I remember and the promenade still full of bustling little cafes for post training coffee drinking. We enjoyed ourselves!

I have a lot of things to catch up with on the site – I will update through the week with more posts on up coming races and an exciting new partnership with a sports management company – www.wattieink.com 

Meanwhile I had better get outside and go for a run before the rain comes in with avengence – it’s good to be home.