A visit to Shimano

October 21st, 2009 by

“It is never not cool in here!” – That was the comment I got from one of the many mechanics as I had a guided tour around the Shimano facility this morning. I think my jaw needed gently pushed shute for the majority of it! – Like a  kid in the sweetie shop just about describes it.

I guess they know how to keep busy on lunchbreak?

Shimano, through Felt, are my sponsor for wheels, shoes and groupsets and have been a huge help this year. So it was cool to be able to head up the road and meet with Dustin at the warehouse in Irvine and pick up some new bits and pieces to keep the bike running smooth in the run through to Clearwater.

I asked if was able to pick up a new front wheel for Clearwater, given I had seen some of the new c75 sections in use at Hawaii. Well,  I say some … I saw them on Craig Alexsanders’ bike. Turns out they, alongside one other set, are it! So there is Crowie, Ritchie Cunningham, and err…. me, riding these wheels. How. Cool. Thanks! I’ll be careful with it.