A swim in the sea

March 12th, 2009 by

This morning I decided to skip the visit to the pool in favour of a splash in the open water. I don’t often swim in the sea – the only time I did it during the whole 3 months I was away in South Africa was to actually race. (When I say swim; I mean swim, and not ‘play’ in the waves – we did that a few times :)) – but it’s real nice to do it without the wetty!

The session was pretty simple – 20 * 50 strokes backwards and forwards: against and with the tide. 20 strokes steady, 10 strokes hard and 20 strokes easy. A couple entry and exits from the beach and that was it! – I get bored on my own pretty quickly….. probably 1200m all in. Done.

Looking the other way was the bridge that I will race up and down 4 times on Sunday morning – the only hills here in Florida. It looks nice and easy, but I rode it flat-chat yesterday and took most of the ride home to recover……. looks can be deceiving!