A mountain excursion

August 30th, 2011 by

On Saturday I rolled out at early o clock with my Trek/K-Swiss team mate Joe Gambles for what would be our last long ride before the up coming Ironman 70.3 World Championships. We went up high towards the mountains and into the thin(ner) air. It was only my 3rd ride up there, as opposed to staying on the rolling plains around Boulder itself. I loved the whole ride and stopped to take a number of snaps at various points along the way. This isn’t a holiday though. I know, I hear you. – We got the work done: 6hours, 170km, 2550m altitude gain, 3 coffees, 2 cakes

The view looking towards Nederland; a quaint little town (with a cracking coffee shop!) nestled at just over 8000ft

I already alluded to this on a quick facebook post over the weekend, but I have trained in plenty of places around the world, and I thought that I had (and i have, don’t get me wrong) seen my fair share of good scenic views. Joe had told me I would like it up there, and he couldnt have been closer to the truth. Despite the altitude creeping up towards the 3000m mark I was quite oblivious to the pain in the legs and simply enjoying all that there was to see.

It’s nearly September and the snow is all but gone on the high peaks, but what remains still makes for a fantastic viewpoint I thought. – I could almost be fooled into thinking that this was up the north of Scotland, by Aviemore and the Cairngorms but then the blue sky gives its all away 😉

I am no photographer, but even my relatively novice eye could see that this was a good place to pull out the camera from the back pocket. – We were riding an out and back section at this point in our ride, so on the return I stopped to grab a photo after nearly riding off the road looking at it on the way out. Amazing. You can just make out the herd of cattle in the distance wandering down towards the water for a big old slurp!

I’m not sure what came over me by this point in the ride, but I was stopping every 5 minutes to snap something or another (just call me Dan Hugo) … Joe had long since dropped me in search of a coffee and a seat (we were nearly 5 hours in by now) but I thought this was a cool little shop, capturing what little sense of history there is out here in the States. – I have jazzed it up a little with my clever iphone app called Camera+

And last, but by no means least, here we are stopped (yet again – tourists so we were) by the Magnolia Drive signpost. – Just for Gordo, wee Matty and Gav. They know what I mean!

 (Note: Running with the Buffaloes is a superb read charting the success of the Univeristy of Colorado Mens Cross Country Team. – They did much of their quality running up on Magnolia). I have yet to run high -around 8000ft, versus 5400ft in Boulder – and I think it will have to wait for another visit to Boulder before I do.