2000-2008; finally I graduate!

November 21st, 2008 by

It all started fairly normally; leave school, start university and believe that like most others on my course I would be finished up four years later. It didn’t quite work out like that though did it? Nonetheless I did eventually manage to wrap up my Chemical Engineering Degree from Heriot Watt University yesterday. It’s a long story…too long for here, but I guess it is closure you could say.

I finished the last of my Final Exams at the end of August last year, but for some reason – misunderstandings on my behalf mostly – I never received my Degree through the post like I thought. What with being out of the country for so much of the time since then, I never got round to nailing down the whereabouts of the damn thing.

However, I did manage to fill out the appropriate forms and get a hold of the necessary gown and hood to be allowed to join the ceremony yesterday afternoon. The graduates were from the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences plus the Institute of Petroleum Engineering – receiving Doctorates, Masters and Bachelor Degrees. There was even a Frenchie (with a cracking moustache) receiving an Honoury Degree in ‘recognition of his distinction in the field of optical and quantum physics’. – Seriously over the top of my head type of stuff.  Needless to say there were some smart cookies in the building, and I was really intriguied by many of the titles to both the PhD studies and also some of the Master Degrees that I never even realised were on offer at the University.

As I walked over the stage Blair fought off the urge to shout something alongs the lines of ‘8 years’! And that is enough said on that to be honest.