Transition days

February 27th, 2010 by

The last week has been a whirlwind of driving up and down the Interstate 5 from LA to San Diego and back with my side kick Joe Gambles. Joe had a number of sponsor commitments and I was keen to go see some friends down there, including web team mate Lesley Paterson. We managed (somehow) to fit in some decent training at the same time thankfully (resourceful us triathletes) … the reality being  that we essentially LIVED out of the back of our hire  (a cracking V-dub) van and therefore always had our bikes and kit to hand!

Me and our gear after one our many ‘on the road’ sessions this past week. All good fun 🙂

We did stop to stay suitably re-fuled along the way aswell … gotta get the calories in – Abu Dhabi in 2 weeks time. Did i say eeeeek? Yeah …  sure did.


More to come later over the w/e …. i’ll get my camera out I promise.