Tourists in Cape Town…..

January 27th, 2009 by

I dropped Blair off at the airport early this morning for his flight home. He had 3 weeks here, got a load of riding in, mostly on his mtb (but he did join us for the 4 Passes last Friday) and most importantly of course – he got a tan; effectively his freckle all joined up. On Sunday Mari took us through to Cape Town and we did some touristy stuff, since we had mostly just hung out here in Stellenbosch. We went along to an open air music concert (it wasn’t busy whatsoever) and then we took the cable car up Table Mountain.

We didn’t think we would actually bother going up the mountain, as it was really cloudy (the ‘table cloth’ was covering i was told) but we gave it a go, since Blair wouldn’t have another chance, and i hadn’t been up either. Well, given the top is over 1000m, it was cold up there, and it was, well, er, cloudy. BUT, since the wind was blowing, we had this cool, kinda creepy view of the city and beaches below. – Every few minutes we would jump into camera wielding action with shouts and simultaneous finger pointing of ‘look, there, no, THERE!’. We stayed till about half eight, so it was getting dark, giving us a really great view of the city lights turning on.
The ‘ET’ moment was captured as we climbed up in the gondola……
and Blair, Mari and I take in the views:-