The wisdom of Gav

December 16th, 2008 by

Gav surveying his mtb playground

Although Gavin Noble and I have been living and training out of Stirling for a lot of collective years, we tend not to manage to train together that often due to our different racing schedules. Gav decided to travel to Stellenbosch with his mountain bike this month, so we have mostly only been logging the run miles together (him more so than me). During these runs I often learn nuggets of wisdom. – Our tempo session this morning was one such time………

As we ran through a dairy farm just behind the university here, we were stopped briefly by the farmer struggling to move a cow with its calf across the track. On our 2nd lap through the farm, I pointed out said cow and calf now safely in the field. Gav then asked if I had heard the story about the Farmer, which I hadn’t:

“One day a calf was born, and the farmer went into the barn to lift the calf up, put him down, and leave. The next day the farmer lifted the calf up once again, and yet again on the third, fourth and subsequent days. Everyday lifting the calf up for the next few months, until eventually, the farmer was lifting a small cow weighing over 100kgs. – All he had done was lift a little bit more everyday”.

‘So, we’re just lifting the calf everyday’, Gav assured me with his usual grin before starting the next interval.