The Lurgy

September 20th, 2008 by

It happens every now and then. Usually I expect it to happen after a flight, one of those (usually long haul) where the coughing fit is sat in the seat directly behind or in front. But more often than not it just creeps up, as it did this time. Although I expect the attempt at racing an Ironman followed by a race the week later, sandwiching a 1000 miles of driving around the county didnt help!

Ironically it is Freshers week here in Stirling, and all the young-uns in the squad are quite rightly heading out on the town each night enjoying themselves – and turning up for training the next morning, whilst i’m coughing and spluttering at home, unable to train. Must be getting old?

And so the pile of multi vits, extra strength vitamin C and Echinacea got added to with antibiotics this morning. Past experience has proven those usually do the trick when it comes to shifting the lurgy.