The Long Run

July 8th, 2010 by

I know this appears to be a recurring theme (my apologising for a lack of blog entries!) but here I am doing it again. I honestly can’t believe how quickly the past 3 weeks have flown by since heading down to Wimbleball, but flown by they certainly have. However, I have been getting back into a good training routine here in The Shire and that is the priority for me this month.

Last week was my first longer aerobic week – it was good to get through it, as I always find the first week of ‘proper’ training tires and drains you much more than you might expect. This week is rolling by just as fast, and the Ironman in Bolton looms ever closer, which means getting the long run tucked away 😉

Running for a long time ... like last night (must get out more often!)

Last nights ‘session for the day’ was my long run – 35K. I have a loop here in town that I tend to use each week (just call me a groundhog) which is 15K all in … simple – do it twice, and er, add on a bit.

I want to be able to run these long runs (I had one last week plus managed a few through May) at a good pace, which is 4min/K. Now, I won’t lie, I find an hour at that clip can feel like an age, (especially when the wind blows like it is currently) so it’s a test of my resolve to double it plus add an extra 20mins on top … however, suck it up I did, and the box got ticked; 2hrs 20mins later.

The legs feel a little jaded this morning, but nothing too terrible, which is pleasing. Onwards to the w/e … I’ll be back with more news soon I assure you …