The last stretch

July 26th, 2010 by

It seems like I’ve been preparing for next Sunday (Ironman UK in Bolton in case you wondered) for so long – waiting for it to roll around/thinking/contemplating/mulling it over  and yet at the same time here I am finding myself surprised that the time is actually almost upon me – the final stretch!

Plenty of time has been spent alone it seems this past month

So here it is – race week; I’m both simultaneously excited and apprehensive … it just depends what I’m thinking of at a particular time as to which of those it happens to be.

The trend appears to be to get excited about it if I think about the race during training sessions and nervously apprehensive when I’m sitting around the house or doing something other than exercise.

I am trying to keep to a simple process type strategy; i.e deal with the swim (just keep swimming, just keep swimming in a Nemo-esque fashion), deal with the bike (eat, drink, pedal, eat, pedal some more and so on and on … and on) before getting to that little old issue of, what was it … wait a minute, yup, that’s it: a marathon!!!

Sarcasm aside, I am really starting to look forward to the race. Sure, I am nervous about the undertaking. Not because it is such an incredibly overwhelming concept that I can’t wrap my head around 🙂  (although I have hit a mental road bump or two now and then) – people are doing Ironman right, left and centre at the minute (waytogo Wattie by the way – he made it aound Lake Placid yesterday in a cracking 11.5hrs!) but more becuase for me it is a new stage in my racing career (the ‘Sherbourne ’08  IMUK attempt’ doesn’t really count in my mind) and I find it a little harder to be as confident in my ability to attain my goals, simply becuase it is all that much newer to me than racing at the shorter distance. All that being said I still believe I can achieve those targets, it’s just more of a reflection of my respect for the distance and my more experineced competitors than anything else.

That being said, I take a lot of confidence from my result earlier in the year at the Abu Dhabi Tri and also from the block of training I have been doing since late June – all of which is after 2 race results that I am very proud of – Kent TriGrandPrix and UK Ironman 70.3. So I know that physically I am fit and ready, I just have to be  mentally on the ball too!

As much as it is at every other Triathlon distance ... it's all about the run in an Ironman!