T minus 3 days

November 11th, 2009 by

Clearwater is fast approaching – its Tuesday night here in Florida as I write, and yet it seems much closer to kick off. I’m starting to get that simultaneously ‘excited and nervous’ feeling, which is good and bad. – Good that i’m feeling it, but bad that there are 3 more days for it to manifest into full-blown nervousness! The training is all done; today was the last day including all 3 with some intensity thrown in …. now it’s time to become (and I quote Julie Dibens herself here) ‘fresh like lettuce’.

A cloudy day in Florida means an empty pool for myself, Julie and Dann Brook to swim in …

Clearwater is essentailly the flattest bike course I have ever ridden (Antwerp gives it a good run for its money!). It is also the fastest, without any hint of a thought – but that is almost certainly due to the fact that it is World Champs. Being such a flat and fast course, drafting will always be an issue, as unfortunate as this may be. The rule is 10m, and yet at every race people are willing to push the boundaries. Or plain old simply cheat! (see below!) I am confident in my ability to ride as fast as is needed come Saturday. I’ve done plenty of biking over the last 6 weeks, and over the past 3 weeks the faster riding has been added in. 

However, despite this video being of the Age Group race in the recent IM Florida – it still blow my mind that there are people doing our sport who clearly haven’t done the work, and feel happy to race a NON DRAFTING (hello folks!) race in this way. Lets hope it is monitored fairly and appropriately on Saturday morning for the A/G  (and our own Pro) wave(s).  A blanket DQ is what I say on the matter ….