Supporting Jamie Whitmore

September 17th, 2008 by

I am not an Xterra athlete, and I don’t know Jamie or her husband, but I am a fellow pro triathlete and I, like many people in this world have experienced the effects of cancer on our friends and loved ones. I am an avid triathlon enthusiast and student of the sport, so I was fully aware of Jamie and her results as an Xterra athlete (including a World Championship title and 37 Xterra Series wins) but it was through my friend and current World Champion, Julie Dibens that I first heard of her battle with pelvic cancer earlier this year.

Whilst in America during the summer I read a magazine article written by here detailing her progress and rehabilitation. I left the article thinking it was great to read she was improving, and that racing again at the top level of her sport appeared to be a possibility. Unforntunately that is no longer the case for she has had to have a second sugery in July, and is currently having to fight illness and a bone infection before being able to begin her course of chemotherapy, which of course is vital in helping her beat the cancer.

I have been reading her website this morning, and so I have had the banner about the silent auction at the forthcoming Xterra US Nationals in Tahoe added up there in the top right corner. Go to to read about what the Pro field and fellow athletes are doing to try and help her and her family cope with her ongoing fight with the cancer.

As I said, I don’t know Jamie, and this isn’t much, but hopefully every little can help. Positive thinking can go a long way, so I will be thinking happy thoughts on her behalf at this tough time. Good luck Jamie.