Stelly week 1

January 13th, 2011 by

Hello from South Africa! First things first – I am back in Stellenbosch, where I have spent this time of year for the past 3 winters … but  phew I had forgotten how hot is it out here at this time of year! – A far cry from the cold and chilly weather I left behind in Edinburgh last w/e, which seems a long time ago already, but complaining i am not, i promise! Training is getting under way and I am happy to be getting the ball rolling again – it has been a while.

the view riding into Stellenbosch – this time last year with Toby

Im settled in pretty much now – staying with my old buddies Toby Jameson and Mari Rabie (along with Faustus the dog!) and getting some easy miles back under my wings. It has been a long lay off from the training for me, for one reason or another, however for now it is slowly coming back and that is the main thing. – Enjoying each day and knowing that every session is taking me a small step closer to being race ready and back to my old triathlon self -baby steps!