Stelly training week 08/09

January 4th, 2009 by


the spectacular view across Jonky park

The last week, which spanned last year and this new one, has been solid. It had to be, given the week off I had whilst spending Christmas away plus the extra enforced lay off due to mangled big toes…..

Monday: travel back to Stellenbosch, 70k bike (in pouring rain!) with 20mins jog off

Tuesday: swim 6k aerobic, bike 90k

Wednesday: swim 4.5k aerobic outdoors (brrr), bike 40k wi 8*4mins hard – 20min jog off, run 15k easy

Thursday: bike 70k aerobic, swim 6.7k (Happy New Year set!), run 30 mins steady

Friday: bike 130k hilly, run 15k solid wi 3*8mins hard

Saturday: swim 5k solid wi 1500m broken TT, 70k easy, run 12k wi 10k nasty hard (no w/u!, 2k w/d)

Sunday: bike 95k solid wi 3*15mins TT, run 8k off with last 10mins race pace, swim 2k easy drills

All in all it totals up to just over 24k swimming (7.5hrs), 560kish biking (19hrs) and only 65ks running (5.5hrs)…… as I have been having to be careful on the volume with my toe.

Highlights were the long ride on the Friday, the swim sets on Thursday and Saturday morning where I surprised myself and the solid run in Jonkershoek Park. – This is an exact 10k loop and is flippin’ hilly. I ran 36.40ish which is as quick as I think I have managed according to the diary from last year!

2 weeks to go to the SA 70.3 in Buffalo City, East London. Lets hope the form comes………