Scottish Olympic Championships 2014

May 20th, 2014 by

1st place – 1:49:16


Douglas Roberts, myself and Cameron Milne just after finishing the Scottish Championships at Stratchlyde Park on Sunday. Whilst we got to race over much of the upcoming Commonwealth Games course, the arrival of some sunshine certainly brought a smile to our faces. Nobody (whatever they may tell you) likes racing in the rain after all ­čśë


We had to complete 7 laps of the bike course, and although this created a little bit of congestion with all of the other competitors sharing the limited road space, we did enjoy a completely closed road circuit with largely newly surfaced roads and I really enjoyed my first race here since 2006 I beleive. Times flies!


Cameron swam faster than Doug and I by somewhere in the region of 40 seconds, and so I spent the early laps of the bike closing that gap down and then did my best to keep the pace going throughout the reaminder of the ride. Cam had a great bike ride I though and limited my gap to 90 seconds starting the run.


It’s a scenic loch side run course in Strathclyde, and I imagine it will be a great venue┬áthat will look superb on television┬ácome the Games this summer. Fingers crossed, becuase it will be a wonderful showcase for the sport and hopefully help to create a lasting legacy┬áfor triathlon in Scotland especially.


Thanks must as ever go to my sponsors who help make the racing for me a reality, even here at home in Scotland. To Trek and Blueseventy for their longstanding support over the years, to Castelli for inviting me into the fold to help provide feedback on their outstanding range of triathlon specific clothing and to Skechers & PowerBar who I have really enjoyed starting to work alongside this year.


Winning a Scottish titles never grows old! Many thanks to Iain at ImacImages for providing the great pictures of the race in this blog post.

Full results from the race are here.

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