Scottish Duathlon Champs 2009; Shire

October 13th, 2009 by

climbing back up to the uni buildings

The last week has flown by, hence the lack of posts since I departed the South of Spain. – I got home last Wednesday and spent a nice few days back home. Those days included some good swims sets with the squad, a couple bikes rides wearing shorts(!) and a couple trips to Physiofocus to have healing hands work on my grumbly calf. Then the w/e was all about Hawaii-watching. I loved it. I stayed up till past 3 in the morning to see the top 10 finish live online. Then I got up for the Scottish Duathlon Championships – it was a long trip there; about 900m to get to the University buildings! – Here is a great little selection of shots courtesy of Iain MacIntosh from Imacimages Thanks buddy!

p.s to round off the week, I am typing this blog from a hotel room at Los Angeles airport, at 3am (in a word; jetlag) – I had my longest Monday ever yesterday as I flew 11hrs ‘backwards’. I need a sherpa, but all my luggage made it safe.

serious face


not such a serious face

It was good to get a race done again, and boy had I forgotten how hard duathlon is! I was pushed hard all the way, which was exactly the sort of hit out I was needing after the hard training the last few weeks. Results are here.