Saturday in the ‘Bosch

January 24th, 2010 by

It’s been a week already since the 70.3 last weekend; how the time has flown by. I’ve been keeping myself to myself here in Stellenbosch since my wingman – Toby – has been missing in action whilst spending some time with his lovely fiancee. I’ll let him off!

So I have been having some nice food, getting the training routine kicked back into gear and marvelling at the sights of Freshers week here in Stellenbosch – it’s mad let me tell you. Simply mad!

Breakfast after a 6am 70k ride yesterday. – French toast: A-mazing!

After the aforementioned tasty breaky, I watched the ‘floats’ pass through town centre. Every year the first years have to ‘build’ a float according to their ‘res’ or as we know them – halls of residence. These are no ordinary floats let me tell you!! – There is a serious quantity of chicken wire, welding equipment, crinkly coloured paper and polystyrene goes into making these outfits wrap around a truck! Seriously impressive – and it is all in the name of charity. The whole town comes out to watch and there is totaly choas and traffic meltdown. Nobody seems to care though, which is all really different to what we get used to at home. Some pics for you –

Next week will be a big build week on the bike for me. I am going to start getting ready for my next race, which will certainly be a challenge; but one I am really getting quite excited about. More on that later though!

Have a good w/e!