Pre Clearwater!

November 13th, 2009 by

Finally, it’s nearly time to race. We arrived here in Clearwater yesterday morning and got settled in. The weather is certainly very un-Floridian (so the ‘locals’ say) at the minute – yesterday was remarkably chilly and the wind continues to blow with some strength today. I’d be happy for it to create a bit of spark for racing tomorrow, but the forcast is for it all to blow out by the morning. We’ll see, but it will be what it will be.

Julie, Dann, myself and Joel at 6.45 this morning – trying to get ready to swim in the swell (wimps!)

Yesterday was quite busy – we packed up the cars to drive over (only a short 40 min hop though) early in the morning, so as not to be rushing around like blue arsed flies all day. It seemed to work; we registered, drove a good portion of the bike course (it’s changed a little) as it’s always good to get a handle on the corners – there being a whole 10 or so of them!!

A quick ride on the bike to check it still works (I always do it, just habit) before having to report to interview duties in the afternoon. – I was asked to do a piece for NBC and, so that was interesting. Only so many questions they can ask however … and only so many ways we can individually describe this course I should imagine?!? I found it a bit of fun anyway. Some portrait snaps in front of the white screen (not sure why) and I was all done. (The Hilton is a lovely hotel though it seems!).

Today, well, it’s not long past 9am and I have had a swim and another ride – checked out the run course plus the start of the bike ride. The word on the street is that there has been provisions made for the swim to be relocated out of the sea and into the protected harbour, should the swell continue. We are still unsure as to whether wetsuits will be allowed. I’d love it to be non wetty, not because I swim particularly well without mine but simply because I know it will hurt some of the other guys a lot more, and more than likely change the way the race pans out early on the bike. That said I will be surprised to hear anything other than wetsuits being suggested in the race brief later this afternoon.

All thats left to do now is get on with it! I’m looking forward to it for sure … it’s been a while in coming around, so now that it’s almost here I just want to get one with it. If I race smart and execute as good a race as i’m capable of, I’ll get the result I want.

Follow online and live at – race starts ar 6.45 for the women and 6.53 for us – which is 11.45 at home.

Some pictures from yesterday and this morning …..