Pictures; IM Wales – Tenby

September 20th, 2014 by

2nd place – 9:10:16

Tenby is a wonderful little seaside town – and when the tide is out it certainly leaves behind an expansive beach!


On the Friday before race day we had our Pro brifing and the tv crew also did some pre-race interviews out on the beach front. Looking at this picture I could easily be anywhere on the Spanish or French coastlines in summer time, not autumn in the UK! To see the tv coverage look out for Ch4 on the morning of Sunday 5th Oct.


It was an incoming tide on the morning of the race as you can see from the photo above – this bouy only floated in the half hour before our race start…


We had an impressive sunrise to greet us on the beach just before the start. Not to mention an angry sea!


I mentioned previously in my earlier blog that the swim was not something I found enjoyable, and I feel that this image typifies that! It was simply a case of ‘just get through it’ out there.


Rarely on the Tenby bike course were there extended periods of flat road. More often than not I could be found out of the saddle and working hard up an incline of some sort or another. This was on the final approach to T2 after reaching the town.


Good crowds were already lining the many town streets involved with the race route. These crowds only got deeper and louder as the race progressed… especially as you passed by the many pubs and bars along the route!


Matt Trautman and I followed each others steps for the initial half marathon which was great racing.


Despite losing touch with Matt around the 15 mile mark I dug in as best as I could and hit the finish line to a fantastic response – the whole seasfront street is turned into the finish chute which was fun to enjoy and savour a little. The support and cheers throughout the day is very welcome and although I may struggle to acknowledge it at the time, I do hear it and very much appreciate it I promise!


It took me considerably longer than the other boys to open the bottle but I got there in the end!

Thanks go to the whole event team for creating such a unique event in Tenby – I would urge anyone who really wants a great race day experience to have a think about this event for 2015 – I can’t imagine that you will be disappointed!

For the photos in this blog, thanks and credit go to: Getty Images, Huw Fairclough & Ross Grieve.