2014 begins: Scottish Duathlon Championships

April 3rd, 2014 by

1st place – 1:53:32


The end of September was a serious stretch of time ago, and yet that was the last time I raced an event. The year started in a familiar fashion, with a useful stint in my home from home over the years – Aguilas, Spain. I had a further training trip to the Canary Isles, spending some time on both Lanzarote and Fuertaventura which went perfectly well save for me getting a little too aquainted with the tarmac during a run. – I stupidly tripped over my very own feet and did a Superman dive, giving me some frustratingly nasty cuts to my hands and an achey shoulder for my troubles. It could’ve been worse though; no broken bones.

With that behind me, I looked forward to starting the year off with a race at home here in Stirling – the Scottish Duathlon Championships over a 10/40/5k non draft format hosted by Stirling Tri Club. It’s a superb event; extremely well organised and complete with a friendly and supportive atmosphere – give it a try next year!

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Hawaii Ironman World Championships 2013

October 25th, 2013 by

finish sign

This is where it all starts, and where it all finishes (it just looks a little different when they build the finishers arch and ramp!) Racing in Kona was Ali’s goal all year and it was also mine for a good portion of the year too but I was just glad that one of us held up to the task of qualifying 😉 Read on …

Beijing International Triathlon 2013

September 28th, 2013 by

7th place – 2:05:44

2013 Ironman Coeur d'Alene

My race in China this past weekend didn’t exactly go to plan I’m dissapointed to report. As this picture unfortunately shows, I was racing alone and this wasn’t a good thing … Read on …