Night times in South Africa

January 14th, 2010 by

Tonight was spent getting ready for the red eye to East London from Cape Town in the morning. It’s nearly race time already … the last 3 weeks for me here in Stellenbosch have flown by that’s for sure. Last night I had my last hard run since the daytime temp peaked at 44C. Trust me, you don’t want to be outside doing ANYTHING in that heat (least of all driving a car with leather seats!) so my run finished after 8.

Faustus, as always was there to greet me.

I am returning to East London for the 3rd time, having begun with the race in it’s debut year; 2008. I was 3rd that time around with the fastest swim and runs book ending a very below par bike ride, where I lost 12 minutes plus to the mighty Raynard Tissink. Last year, 2009, I finished 2nd, having led for much of the swim and bike, but yet again, had to succumb to the defending champion.

There is certainly a progression here; and I feel ready to step up and go for the win on Sunday. I believe I can succeed, but I have been racing long enough to know all I can do is give my best on the day and remember I have put in a fantastic block of training over the past 8 weeks both in Stirling and here in South Africa.

We have had a daily quote board on the go here in the house, each rotating our favourites. Yesterday was down to Toby, who is also racing this w/e … it was a good ‘un. Come race day we must be:

“Norwegian in the legs and Jamaican in the mind”

One night last week we watched a stunning sunset in front of Table Mountain (the flat bit, top left) and the new World Cup stadium in Cape Town (the shiny bit, mid right). It was a fun evening.