Lesley Paterson

February 13th, 2010 by

Lesley has had a fantastic resurgence into the sport … she’s been around for donkeys years however, and it’s fantastic to see her – a Scot no less! –  tearing it up on the world scence once again!

www.lesleydoestri.org – check it out!

I’ve known ‘lesbo’ for years and years it seems: I watched in awe as she ripped past me on the run in my first ever triathlon (“HOW amazing was she?” I remember asking dad on the drive home!) in 1997, I watched and raced alongside as she narrowly missed out on Commonwealth Games selection for the Scottish 2002 team in Manchester, Blair and I rented an amazing flat from her dad for years when I first arrived in Stirling and most recently I have trained with her in North County San Diego when I have been living out there. I happened to have breaky with her dad the other morning here in the cafe by the pool as I recovered from my first post crash swim session, and caught up on all her news from him. – I thought I should post on her and her wicked new site.

She just posted a great post/interview on her website with our even newer  member – Lisa Norden which you can read all about here.