I’ve been training. Honest.

October 25th, 2008 by

My swim stuff if you need proof!

I’ve not written in a while, largely due to my (only 5 months old!) laptop deciding it didn’t want to switch on, but also because I’ve been trying to cram. A bit like when you have an exam coming up and you haven’t done the revision (it always seemed to be vision for me, not REvision) – well thats what i felt a bit like arriving in California, since I hadn’t ridden my bike all that much due to me knee issues.

Happily, the knee is settling fine and i have been riding pretty well the 2 weeks since I have been in town, especially the past 6 days or so. I took some pictures of a couple new places I’ve been riding too:

Mt Palomar is the highest ride around. One I've not been to the top of yet

I’ve heard a lot about the Mt Palomar ride, but I hadn’t ridden in that direction yet, instead always riding over the same 3 or 4 routes I have found on previous trips this year. This week I was brave and ventured afar….

The sign points the way . . . . to the Indians??

I didn’t ride to the summit – still careful of my knee I about-turned after riding uphill for 45 minutes; something I haven’t done for a long time. Not since the winter time in South Africa I guess.

I also found Lake Wohlford

 Another road I had heard of was Wohlford Road, and I realised it was a cracking road for time trial efforts, as it was nicely rolling with a good surface. Plus there was a nice view. Given how dry everything is in this part of the world right now (there are ‘red flag’ fires warnings all over, and fire trucks are a regular sight) it is nice to see water!