Edinburgh – St Moritz

July 1st, 2009 by

Today I was in Edinburgh with Gav and Mari doing the ‘tourist’ thing. -The Castle, walking the Royal Mile and Grassmarket before sitting upon the open top tour bus seeing the sights about town. We maybe could’ve caught a glimpse of the queen since she was hanging about at her Scottish Royal residence – Hollyrood Palace – having marked the 10th Anniversary of the Scottish Parliament ealier in the morning. But we didn’t. It was something different and I enjoyed it. Thanks to Gav for initiating the idea since he rightly reasoned it was daft for Mari to have come all this way and not even see our capital, especially with it being such a beautiful day and all. I lived in Edinburgh for 3 years whilst at university and I could probably count on the one hand the number of times I ventured into the city centre …. so it was worth the trip!


Edinburgh Castle - an imposing obstacle back in the day!

There was even time for some ice cream at the gates of the castle amid the seating recently built for an Oasis concert. It tasted good!

Mari Rabie Gavin Noble

Tomorrow I will be back in Edinburgh, but only to get the plane to Zurich via Heathrow. I am off to St Moritz for train for a month or so. I have been before, but only for the afternoon and a wander about. It was misty and rainy that day, so we could only walk about the town trying to escape the wetness. – I don’t remember too much other than there being a load of designer shops and menus in Russian!!

Fingers crossed there won’t be similar weather this time around – I have visions of clear blue skies and snow capped moutains. Only time will tell, but I will keep the site updated as best I can with some training snippets.