Countdown to Ironman UK 2008

September 4th, 2008 by

ironman uk 2007 scott neyedli

It’s Thursday morning and we’ll head off down the road in the general South West direction a bit after lunchtime. Blair and i are thumbing a lift with our great friends/second family/often-helpers-in-a-bind/supporters and most recently providers of transport (alas, the Clio died a death and we had to scrap it…. but thankfully there was a Punto going spare for a little while!), GC and Gillian.

So how do i feel? Excited? Nervous? Worried? Anxious or plain simply same old same old? Perhaps a mixture of the lot. I am trying to just approach the race as ‘just another’ and yet i fully appreciate that it is far from similar to anything i’ve done so far. All the comments you read and hear suggest that the leap from ‘long distance’ up to Ironman is massive. Well, i’ve gone and skipped that long distance ‘bit’ and gone straight to the deep end, ready to jump on in there and give Ironman a crack. Here goes!

It will be fun to race at home again, given i don’t actually get to do that so often anymore, especially with plenty of friends and family on the course as well. Mum hasn’t seen me race in ages so its lovely to have her be able to come and watch live – I know as well as any how frustrating trying to find updates and results online can be!

I have doen my research …spoken to many a wise owl …. and yet, it’s utterly individual, and i won’t know for real till the get-go. All i know for sure is that when i do a 4k swim set in the mornings i come home and have a big bowl of cereal …… hmmm, energy gels in crunchy nut flavour anyone????

Good luck to everyone else giving it a go, esp those other newbies. See you at 6am Sunday.