Competitor Radio

September 27th, 2008 by

I was luck enough to head along to the Competitor studio whilst in town in August, and you can listen to it at

But i wasn’t the first Scottish multi sport athlete to hang out with Babbit and Huddle . . . . . .

. . . .  Catriona Morroison beat me to it whilst she was over for the Oceanside 70.3 in March, and just last week Lesley Paterson was on the show, which is a blast from the past in Scottish triathlon terms! – Lesley was at the very first triathon i ever did, and yes, i did get ‘chicked’ (she beat me) on that occasion. I remember thinking she must’ve been amazingly rapid be to racing for GBR! Lesley now lives in San Diego with her husband who teachs at San Deigo State University, and has started to do very well in the local Californian races and the Xterra US series. She is heading up to the US Championships in Tahoe next week, so good luck to her! You can listen to her interview on the competitor homepage.