Castles Challenge Triathlon

August 24th, 2009 by

Blair and I headed south yesterday morning to be part of the innaugural Total Racing Int.  event in Northumberland. – I wasn’t racing due to feeling less than speedy of late, but hey, Blair threw on his racing flats, ahem, trainers, and climbed the podium with 3rd place!


The race was a fantastic success, given it was a brand new race with a first time crew in control behind the scenes. Phil has been a fantastic support to me through the T.R.I team concept over the past couple of seasons, and so I am delighted to see his belief that a brand new, yet iconic race could happen, and happen successfully!

The weather held for most of the day, which given the unpredictable nature of this British Summer, was fortunate. – I say that with only the slightest hint of sarcasm, since my Gore-Tex was on for the long haul and a pair of gloves would have been a sensible addition to my attire whilst watching the swim from the beach. – A swim that took Blair a whole 30 minutes to lead out …. a slight miscalculation on the bouy positioning, but it was a first time event lets remember!

Ensuring that the race was as interesting as possible, there was a split transition, with competitors riding point to point, ending up at a second Castle; Alnwick. Hence the plural aspect to the race name. This was a superb venue for the run – and by using a 2k loop around the grassy trails below the castle walls, there was plenty oppertunity to spectate. I managed to snap a little beauty of Blair scaling ‘The Hill’ on his 4th loop. The hands on the knees say it all I do believe.

In other news, team-blogger and fellow Shire inhabitant Gavin Noble  raced himself into 11th place  at the 7th round of the ITU WCS in Yokohama, Japan. He now climbs to 35th in the rankings, and has another decent brick on the wall!