Can always count on Gav…..

October 14th, 2008 by

gavin noble irish triathlete

….for a chuckle.

I’m sitting in Houston Intercontinental Airport. Tired, bored, and fed up with the prospect of yet another flight onwards to San Diego. It’s been a long 20hours or so since I got out of bed this morning (or yesterday?) – Stirling. Edinburgh Airport. New York Newark Airport – where the Customs and Border official gleefully (and with a substantial hint of menace i might add) told me ‘your going downstairs, have you ever been downstairs?‘. No i hadn’t. – Having pondered it during the flight out of NY I am confident the problem was with my delivery. – When asked what I was doing with my stay in the US, I stuttered, ever so slightly – and he went straight in for the ‘so you’re working here’ line of questioning.

usa customs border official

Anyway, there is enough there for a whole other post. I have a reasonable feeling the note punched into the computer might jump up and bite me on my next entry into the country. Although I will say ‘downstairs’ was a lot less of an issue than I was building up in my mind. ‘You’re racing in Clearwater? Cool. My buddy is training for that one too.’ Fantastic I almost yelled! Passport stamped. Good to go. For now.

But I digress. As I said, many a time have the posts of Gavin brought a smile to my face. Check out the pics and report of the Relentless 24 mountain bike adventure Blair, Gav, Coach Volley and ‘Daddy’ Coull tackled over the weekend at – Between live Hawaii coverage and the sporadic texts and phonecall updates I was almost as tired as them on Sunday morning! Almost.

Now, which gate to San Diego?