Back in Boulder!

October 3rd, 2012 by

I was in Boulder during April/early May and then whilst the greater portion of the long distance triathlete population were here enjoying the wonerful Coloradian summer, I was back home in, well, sunny Scotland. And now with most folk leaving for warmer climes as winter fast approaches here in the foothills of the Rockie Mountains … I am back. Maybe I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed?? Or maybe I’m a little adverse to the crowds, most likely a bit of both 😉

But for now the weather is simple awesome – nice and cool in the mornings/evening and shorts and t-shirts during the day – and what days they have been so far – clear blue sky days. I have been marvelling at the colours of the leaves falling from the trees, and even though the real depth of colour has been seen whilst out and about on my bike though the woods, the view down the street (above) from where I am staying ain’t half bad either!

I arrived in Denver airport late on Friday evening and have already settled right back into life here. I spent a couple months here last summer plus the time earlier this year, so it certainly feels familiar. I’m staying with my friend Richie Cunningham and his wife Mel (plus half dog/half boy; Sammy). Richie is also going to race Ironman Arizona and so it’s ideal for us both to have a trianing buddy this late into the season where motivation might be forgiven for waning ever so slightly. It’s also great for me to train with him … he’s had a fantastic season this year, if not winning, podiuming at races from Feb onwards. He’s in decent shape… i’ll give him that – keeping me on my toes at least  😉

I am atually going to race this weekend, which I am quite excited about. For one, it’e been well over two months since I raced so I’m a little rusty on that front and blowing some cobwebs away would be useful. Secondly it is part of the Rev3 series of races which I have not taken part in yet whilst racing in the US, so I’m keen to see what they are like … I have heard good things. The event is in Maryland over on the east coast of the country, which is a new State for me to visit too. Richie is a part of the Rev3 team of athletes so it’ll be useful to have him show me the ropes at the event etc.

Despite racing I’m keen on keeping the training momentum going from the stint in Sedona this past month, and so I’ve had a few good days lately which I’m pleased about …

Saturday; 5k solid swim, 105k steady bike, 40min easy run

Sunday; long morning run – 2hrs, 2k easy swim, easy 40mins run w/ 30sec surges

Monday; 5k solid threshold swim, 90min easy recovery bike

Tuesday; 160k solid TT effort bike, 80min tempo run incl 30mins fartlek

Wednesday; 4.5k aerobic swim, 2hr easy recovery bike, 35mins easy run

I’m hoping to make the most of the weather while it lasts … there is snow forcast this weekend so the hills might not look much like this in the near future. Just as well I don’t mind the snow I guess.


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