Back home in Scotland

August 31st, 2008 by

scotland landscape airplane

03.50 alarm, 04.30 get in the car for airport, 06.45 depart San Diego, arrive in JFK New York at 3.00. Then a delightful 8 HOURS!! spent wandering a terminal as boring as any i’ve been through.

We were delay-ed leaving for Edinburgh, but seemed to land at the gate spot on this morning, which was a blessing, since i was finding the flight hard work, depsite the pretty impressive onboard entertainment system! – Restless leg syndrome coupled with being stuck at the window and inside a couple NOT pleased at having hear me ask ‘can i get out please?’ for the 4th time, was not much fun after 7 hours. – Movies to watch however: Drillbit Taylor (“what’s this? – A wing, and you’re under it”) (, Kungfu Panda ( and Tropic Thunder (“i’m just a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude”) (

I wound down quite nicely in San Deigo the last few days, managing to catch up with a few folk out there which was useful, plus got some tweaks to the bike sorted and obviously slotted in some steady training.

I’m trying to stay awake till normal bedtime tonight so as to hopefully get the body adjusted back to the home time zone asap, and lessen the effects of the jet lag. I’ll write something about my thoughts going into the Ironman in Sherbourne in the next day or so.