Arran adventures

June 15th, 2010 by

Honestly – I promise, I am still here. Still alive, and still kicking. Excuses to hand, let me get them out of the way …. we moved house, the internet was up, then down, an now up again – for now  at least. But at the weekend Ali and I headed overseas – aboard the ferry to the Isle of Arran! I loved it, and so did the Trek 🙂

we even made it to the beach...

So Friday we ‘sailed’ across, drove scenically through the middle of the Island and finished off the evening with Shepherds Pie – one of my all time favourites that reminds me of home cooking from mum as a kid. Delighted.
Saturday was spent circum-navigating the whole of Arran – keep the sea to your right and keep going! Now, in a highly useful fashion, the loop of the Isle happens to be exactly 90k … but a helluva hilly loop may I add! The sun was out and the wind not quite at Gale Force 9 – with a midway stop for the obligatory Coke&Mars (is it just me or do they not seem so much smaller than they did ‘back in the day’?). All good.

Sunday provided more of a ‘Scottish’ feel as we pedalled away from the house – mist/drizzle/chilly, but it quickly subsided, and my new phrase for the w/e seemed to ring true – ‘wet before seven, dry by eleven’. A run off the bike along the beach rounded off a nice wee break. (Note lack of swim – but there were purple jellyfish, and as a rule I don’t do stingy/squidgy/wriggly things!)

who needs 'abroad' when Scotland looks like this??

So training for me is being wound down. The w/e was the end of another nice little block of work that kicked off again after I raced in Kent – now it’s a few days till UK Ironman 70.3 and I’m getting excited about all systems being go for that.

I’ll report back before we fly down on Friday morning … but for now it’s bedtime – I turn 28 in half an hour 😉