Alpe d’huez in South Africa!

December 6th, 2008 by

Scotsman, of course

Wow! Baptism of fire, or something like that ….. Dan Hugo tells me there is ‘hill climb’ low key type affair being organised by his father, so I was more than happy to go along. Oh. My. Word. 14.7k, topping out at close to 1600m with a average gradient in the region of 8%. It took me 65 minutes, and I am now a body!

Although the road to the tv mast was 95% tarmac it was much easier on an mtb; these have many more gears for a start, so i borrowed. My back screamed, my lungs hurt an my heart protested, but it was great fun!

The start ramp was out the back of a sheep pen (i think) and the views at the summit were fantastic. The ride back down wasn’t too bad either…… :o)