Aguilas out

October 6th, 2009 by

A slightly shorter than initially planned trip – 9 days as opposed to 12, but it’s still been a great little block of training in the sun down here in Spain. It’s been 2 full years since I trained here, and back then it was pretty much the only place I coulf get to for training, what with university and other stuff. Going to further flung places has allowed me to forget how good a place it is to base yourself, and as such I have thoroughly enjoyed retracing all the old routes and haunts.

Fraser Cartmell

There is time for just the one more cheeky bike ride before I head back to the airport this afternoon, which will take the tally to – 9 days, including; 10 rides, 10 swims (some a lot shorter than others) – 5 in the sea without a wetty! , 3 runs (being careful with my tender calf), 4 massages (Bart(olome) is still a funny dude), 5 boxes of cereal, 2 jams, a melon or 3, too much coke and of course ….. LOTS of coffee.