March 4th, 2009 by

I got up this morning for swimming to a view out of the window which showed white white white; the snow was here once again. I didn’t get out on the mtb, and neither did Blair (today), but he did the other week when the snow was last on the ground. – A bit of a difference to the temperature I experience this time last week!

The hills behind Stirling

This week for me at home, between one block of training and another prospective block of racing, is all about adaptation. Adapting to the weather is certainly the most obvious explaination, however I think it goes a fair bit deeper than that. The training I have tucked away over the past 12 weeks has been perfect – a fantastic base upon which to build the season ahead. But we get carried away with training training training I think sometimes. I certainly have been there plenty of times before (digging a hole that takes a while to climb out of) – not always after such a long and useful time away I accept, but the tendancy to get far too absorbed in ‘the numbers and hours’ is always lurking.

So, I am home for just a week, and am letting the training sink in and the body to adapt. A bit of training each day, mostly just swimming with the squad in the morning (solid swimming mind you) and a bit of stuff on the turbo or in the gym each afternoon. I had a bit of soreness develop on the top of my right tibialis anterior during the last week in Stellenbosch, so I have stopped running for a little while to let it settle – and had some great treatment, as ever, from Physiofocus here in Stirling. And just in case you don’t know where that muscle is?! –