A week in Tasmania in pictures

January 8th, 2013 by

My first week here in the deep down unda┬áhas flown by in what seems virtually a blur, but I’m not complaining as it’s been plenty of fun… hard work but fun work ­čśë

I arrived in the capital of Tasmania – Hobart – on New Years Eve morning for my stay with my good friend Joe Gambles, and did my best to stay awake till the fireworks that night. Thankfully here in Australia they have a clever alternative – a ‘kids fireworks’ at 9.30. I managed that and then headed happily to bed for the first time in 2 days! 8 days later and I have sucessfully battled jetlag, gotten into the swing of training and also competed in my first race of the 2013 season. I’ve taken a few pictures along the way ….


On Sunday I raced the Bridport Olympic distance tri, which was a great little hit out to start the years racing. Joe has raced in this event many times over the years and I could see why. We swum in the beach above which was a real treat. I love racing in the sea and its been quite some time since I did. Racing in Australia, it seems almost mandatory that a race be down in the surf and this little local event didnt come up short in any way.


This was one of the views from a bike ride we did when we were in Hobart. We stayed with a friend of Joe’s for a couple of days which meant I got to see a little bit of the south of the island before we headed north to Launceston where he is from. Both places are simply stunning and without doubt are already amongst my favourite riding spots anywhere.



Joe has a number of buddies from growing up who have gone on to race bikes professionally – and a few of them are now on ProTour teams. It has been good to meet these guys and get a couple rides in with them before they head off back to Europe for team camps and the start of the long season ahead. The bike riding here in Tassie is fantastic; unforgiving terrain, strong winds and plenty of healthy competition via the many bunch rides that head out daily. The good weather can’t be a bad thing either, and so it seems as no surprise to me┬áthat the quality of riders to leave this little island appears to be disproportionately high.


A final shot of the beach just along from where we raced the other day – a nice post race recovery session was a dip in the sea for half an hour or so. The next stop after Tasmania is the Antarctic, and so the Southern Ocean isnt exactly the warmest. Wetsuits were needed during the race, but afterwards i managed quite happily without it to cool off. I do love a swim in the sea, and I can’t think of having been in water this clear and clean since being in Hawaii. It really is a beautiful part of the world down here. I’m making the most of it.





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