A visit to Trek plus a visit from SRAM

July 27th, 2011 by

Before I raced at Racine 70.3 last weekend I spent an exciting few days in Madison staying with our legendary Trek/K-Swiss team mechanic Mark Andrews and his family …. it was exciting on at least two fronts:

1. I was getting given my brand new Trek Speed Concept – here is a preview of the bike I did for SRAM whilst in Racine

2. I got to go hang out with Mark at work and get a tour of the Trek factory HQ at Waterloo: very very cool!!

Trek as a bike company is unique in that they still produce all of their top end frames right there on site at the company HQ and don’t have them mass built in the far east of Asia or elsewhere. They can therefore maintain the absolute highest of standards in their frame production and ensure that the quality of craftmanship and care are unquestionably second to none. Furthermore it means that there is constant development and continued improvement in the whole production process – from the initial sheets of carbon (it really was like holding a big sheet of paper!) to the application of the final coat of paint. For me, as someone who studied Engineering at University and loves learning about a process, it was a fascinating few hours.

Just to prove I was in fact there ….

The  front line of Trek racing at the moment … hopefully have a Trek/K-Swiss uniform up there soon enough?!

Where all the fast stuff gets built – Trek Race Teams Workshop … including a US Championship RadioShack frame on the far right and other frames in various states of completion.

And last but by no means least – my new Speed Concept. – SRAM – who equip our bikes with groupsets – came and visited me prior to racing at the Racine 70.3 and did a quick interview talking about the bike and the rest of my season ahead.

Read about it here.