3rd UK Ironman 70.3 Title!

June 21st, 2010 by

I am a happy and content camper indeed this evening …. to try and win at Wimbleball Lake for a 3rd time yesterday has been a goal of mine all year – and so it feels extremely satisfying to have managed to do just that.

I really was (and still am) a happy boy

Winning at this level is certainly not easy, and considering the quality of guys who were treading water besides me at 6.59am yesterday, I knew that achieving my target of breaking the tape at the finish chute would require some seriously graft – Just as it should do.

My preparation leading into Sunday was spot on – I was ready to race and excited to be back at what I consider as tough a race as there is out there (St Croix is verging on tougher, but only because of the heat/humidity mix). The weather gods had been kind and we were treated to almost ideal UK summer conditions – if only the temperature had read a tad more than the 4.5C that registering as we parked up!

What with both Philip and Stephen returning (who beat me last year) plus former Hawaii Ironman Winner Faris Al Sultan alongside a crew of other very capable guys, it was going to be fast from the gun. I settled into a good enough early tempo during the swim, but I didn’t have quite enough gas to hold onto the swim exit as the leader – and in my haste to reach terra firma I slipped on the exit matting …with the bloody knee to prove it!

running in the lead with Mr Moto as companion

I knew that I was in good bike form after my race in Kent last month, however that didn’t give me any help when Phil rode his bike past me as if I were standing still. The lad can ride his bike, that is for sure. I will admit to feeling a little despondant oblique sorry for myself for a fair portion of the first loop, but by a careful process of elimination I reasoned with the little chararcter sitting on my shoulder that all was not so bad – 1. nobody had caught me, and there were some good good bike riders behind and 2. if Phil was riding that hard, then surely he must pay the price for it in the latter stages of the race? It is after all a triathlon, and as I have learned the hard way – it is he who slows down the least fast who crosses the finish line first.

Once I reached T2 I was told the damage – just under 4minutes…. but as soon as I got into my stride I was confident it would be good run day – I should clarify that there have been many a bad one in the past for me, so I can detect the better ones easily!! I was able to catch and pass for the lead within the first of the 3 laps, and from there on in I was able to relax and enjoy the day ….

That is my 4th Ironman 70.3 victory and I am really proud to have achieved that. Having coach Gordo down to watch me race at this level for the first time really added to the whole w/e aswell – thanks for all the help chief. Unfortunately my wingman wasn’t able to be on hand to run around manically for me this year … Blair was racing himself on Saturday at the Highland Cross (but don’t mention the fact that he was helicopter’d out of the glen … just a heads up!!) But to couter that and cap off a great ‘Shire Team’ weekend, Ali placed 5th overall and collected a slot to race in Clearwater later in the year… mostly since she has heard so much about Carolyn’s famed homestay cooking I reckon! 😉

(Thankyou to Laura for the photo’s)